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New Gear Highlights for 2013

New Fishing Gear for 2013

It's finally here! Welcome the 2013 Fishing Season!

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The 2013 fishing season is finally upon us! As anglers this is the time of year to review our gear and replace the items that didn't make it through last season. It's also the time of year the manufacturers release their hottest new gear, lures and color patterns for the coming season. We've highlighted some of the baits we're most excited about.

Crank 'em

The new Rapala Scatter Rap Crank, marries a traditional crankbait build with a new, soft "U" shaped bill that creates a rhythmic shimmy on the retrieve. Likely a concept taken from old timers that experimented with a torch, now this same action is possible without the risk of fire or destroying your favorites.

If trolling or deep-diving is more your style, Berkley Flicker Shad Crankbaits are worth a try. With a long bill and contrasting colors, this bait was meant to work in medium to lower light conditions.

Year of the Frog

No doubt, pro style frogs are hot and 2013 doesn't disappoint with new entries from Booyah and LIVETARGET. These top water lures are gaining popularity with both pros and amateurs, and we love them.

Booyah introduces the Booyah Pad Crasher and Pad Crasher Jr. Frog as well as a popping-version, the Booyah Poppin Pad Crasher. LIVETARGET has created a popper-frog hybrid with a new body shape with its LIVETARGET Frog Popper.

With incredible detail and realistic colors they are a can't miss in shallow water once the mosquitoes start biting. If you don't use one already, learn how to fish a top water frog. You won't regret it!

The Pixee Spoon

Once you master when and where to use spoons, you'll keep at least one on you at all times. The Blue Fox Pixee Spoon and Blue Fox Rattlin Pixee Spoon are new entries from a manufacturer with a reputation for excellent in-line spinners known to land big fish.

Wrecking Havoc on Bass

The news in plastics this year are the new Havoc baits offered by Berkley. Expanding on it's highly successful Powerbait and Gulp! product lines; Havoc offers new body styles, colors and action. The line includes long worms, curly tail and paddle tail shapes but the two that really stand out are the Berkley Havoc Rocket Craw and Berkley Havoc Sick Fish Swimbaits. I'm a big fan of the Chigger Craw and live banging early season rocks with it on a stand-up bottom jig. The Havoc Rocket Craw, with it's numerous appendages and body contours will no doubt create a less-than-subtle calling to bottom dwelling bass..

The Havoc Sick Fish swimbait was developed with the Alabama (umbrella) rig in mind. I refuse to use the umbrella rig, however that doesn't mean this bait can't be used on a swim jig, spinnerbait or even a carolina rig. With realistic colors and body detail, this paddle tail will be an ideal candidate for early season smallmouth in our neck of the woods.

Reinventing the Skirt

Slip-It has upped the ante with two new combos; Slip-It Craw Skirts and Slip-It Paddle Tail Skirts. Playing on the trend of "more is more" when it comes to triggering reaction strikes from agitated bass, these skirts are comprised of both traditional skirt and soft plastic. It's basically a pre-packaged all-in-one trailer for your favorite spinnerbait or jig.

Enjoy 2013!

Whatever you decide to choose this season, enjoy the fishing with safety and respect. Here are three simple things we can all do this season to make next year even better!

  • If you are catch-and-release fishing, use baits and techniques that will cause the least amount of harm to the fish.
  • When you open those new packages, throw the trash away immediately before the wind blows it into the lake.
  • If you are fishing with children, share your knowledge how to handle caught fish properly, getting the fish safely back in the water without injury.
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