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Berkley Vanish Transition Fluorocarbon Ratings:
Reliability Rating
Versatility Rating
Durability Rating
Value Rating
Overall Score:
Excellent 72/100
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Berkley® Vanish® Transition Fluorocarbon Line

When it comes to game fishing, the advent of fluorocarbon fishing line is perhaps one of the most important technological developments in recent history. Compared to traditional monofilament line, fluorocarbon has a higher density to diameter strength ratio, low memory and perhaps most important has the ability to refract light underwater so as to become virtually invisible. We recently reviewed this product's older sibling, Vanish and we weren't impressed. Vanish Transition is supposedly the same compound, but with the added ability to change color when exposed to UV rays.

First Impressions

Berkley fishing lines have always been my favorite, and I use 10# Berkley Fireline fused-braid regularly on my main set-up. On my second set-up I usually have a spinnerbait tied on and the reel is almost always spooled with 8# to 10# fluorocarbon. Berkley Vanish Transitions, not to be confused with the original Vanish, is extremely supple and reliable with the added element of color changing technology. Under water it is clear, above water the line turns crimson red (gold is also available).

Fishing the Line

The actual effectiveness of the ability to change color is open to debate. I mean, does it really matter? I don't care what color it is above water as long as the fish can't see it below. What isn't questionable is that Vanish Transition is much stronger and more durable than the original Vanish.

My biggest issue with the original Vanish is that although the line performs well, it is extremely brittle and will break with the slightest tick or rub on the line. I've spent up to 20 minutes tying and retying a single lure, just to have the knot snap when cinched tight.

I've practically given up on using the original Vanish at anything less than 10# test. This new and improved Vanish Transition is noticeably different.

Although the line does retain some of the brittleness of it's predecessor, it is much more reliable and durable and you can actually tie a knot and expect it to hold tight. As far as sensitivity, visibility and casting goes, this line is outstanding. I do believe it does make a difference underwater as well, and the fluorocarbon easily outperforms any other line the fish can see.

Review Summary

Vanish Transition is a very high quality line and I consider it one of my standard spools, especially in clear water. Do not confuse it with the original Vanish. Transition does cost about $5 more per 250 yard spool than the original Vanish, but when you consider that you'll lose less lures and fish, five bucks pales in comparison to the potential money lost and aggravation of snapped line. We gave the original Vanish a somewhat conservative "OK" rating. For Vanish Transition we give it a rating of 72 or "Excellent". If choosing a fluorocarbon line, we'd consider among the first choices you should make.

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